Cfont Pro

Cfont Pro 4.0

Built in support for TrueType, OpenType, Bitmap, and Postscript Type 1 fonts
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Most operating systems have got their own font management system. But there are users like Graphical designers who require many typefaces and so they would like to have advanced font management software. Cfont Pro is an extremely useful software tool for such kind of users. Cfont Pro is a very high-quality font management software that allows users manage and arrange their fonts in an extremely convenient and systematic manner. Operating system now doesn’t have to worry about organizing the fonts. Ultimately, the performance of users’ system is increased because of Cfont Pro. As an excellent font manager, Cfont Pro supports all the various widely used font types. For users’ convenience, Cfont Pro allows organizing fonts into specific groups, categories or types. So users now don’t search the whole stuff for a particular font but have to just know about the type or category of the font to find the required font. The most striking feature of Cfont Pro is that it gives user the full power to manage all various aspects of the font which is to be used for display. Cfont Pro has got some unique features that separate it from other contemporary software tools.

Manoj Goel
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  • All widely used font types are supported by Cfont Pro
  • Extremely beneficial in organizing users’ font collection
  • The interface of Cfont Pro can be changed to suit better
  • Allows seeing fonts in an efficient and convenient manner


  • Cfont Pro is not compatible to LINUX OS
  • Grouping is not that easy
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